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Let’s talk hosiery: Kate Middleton’s tights

Today we’re talking about Kate Middleton’s tights, (hosiery, pantyhose, hose… whatever you call it!)  Love it or hate it, thanks to Kate, tights are now a hot topic in fashion.  Duchess Kate is known for her love of sheer hosiery – and she has brought them back into the forefront of fashion!

Kate Middleton Tights

Kate during her tour of Canada, where she regularly wore tights (hose) under her dresses.
Images courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission.

Does Kate wear John Lewis’ non-slip tights?

Many of Kate’s fans believe she wears John Lewis ‘Barely There ‘non-slip tights.

Why do we think this?  Because we’ve seen the gel cushion on a picture of Kate’s feet and they look identical to the John Lewis tights – click here to see the image for yourself (opens in a new window).  Kate often shops at Peter Jones in London, which is the exact same store as John Lewis (just with a different name).

The John Lewis tights (hose if you’re American!) cost £5 a pair.  That’s around $8 USD.

Kate Middleton's Non Slip Tights?

Are these Kate’s tights? The non-slip gel on the bottom of Kate’s feet is very similar to this pair from John Lewis.

I personally love these tights – my review:

me wearing Kate Middleton's tights
Of course, the palace has not confirmed that Kate Middleton wears John Lewis tights (hose), it’s just an educated guess.  But I thought I’d try them out anyway…..(I bought them myself, I received no compensation for this review).  See the image on the right, and I’m wearing Kate’s LK Bennett Sledge shoes in grey too!

I recommend them 100%.   They offer the same kind of sheer sheen you see in photos of Kate.  I think they’re great.  I will say that they’re very delicate, I snagged them at the top when I first pulled them on.   Luckily for me, they were still wearable (a bit of nail varnish did the trick!).  It’s my own fault, though, I had just lost some weight and adventurously, I decided to size down.  Next time, I will get them one size up and be much more careful  (It’s well known in my family that I’m a bit of a klutz!)

My verdict on these tights:  The tone of the tights, coupled with my Sledge shoes and pencil dress made me felt every inch the princess!  People even commented on my Facebook photos saying my look was ‘very Kate’, especially because I have dark hair.  I totally channelled my inner Kate!  If you want to buy these, be REALLY careful putting them on and don’t be afraid to get a size up if you’re on the cusp of the sizing chart!

Click here to view these tights in more detail.

Or, does Kate wear Wolford tights (hose)?

Wolford Sheer non-slip tightsSome hypothesise that Kate may have worn Wolford‘s non-slip sheer tights, which retailed for around £13 back in 2011.  The last time I looked, the brand no longer sell the same non-slip tights (pictured right).  I have not seen the bottom of the Wolford non-slip tights, so I cannot confirm the shape of the gel pad.

Wolford’s current Sheer 15 line does not include a non-slip gel pad, like the John Lewis tights above.

Did Kate buy the Wolford tights from Bicester Village?

Kate fans know that the Duchess and her family regularly shop at the Bicester Village outlet in Oxfordshire.  Bicester village DOES have a Wolford outlet on site.  It is very possible she stocked up on non-slip tights during a visit there in 2011?

Either way, I’m of the opinion that you can’t go wrong with Wolford.  They’re clearly a premium line and I’ve heard many, many good things about them (see the comments section below!).

Their Sheer line does look ‘very Kate’.  The Wolford Sheer tights/hose might be a good option for those who live in North America, where I believe this brand is readily available in a wide variety of colours.

Shop Wolford tights and hose:

Has Kate convinced you to turn to hosiery?

Have you tried either of the above brands of tights?  Do you have another brand you love?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. I would TOTALLY buy some of the John Lewis hose, but international shipping is £15!! That’s more money than the 2 pairs I wanted to buy! Sigh.

    • Oh no! You should wait until there’s a ‘kate’ item you really want to buy in JL & then you’d be paying shipping anyway!??

  2. coincidentally, wolford is featuring a section based on kate’s style … get the look of the duchess of cambridge.

    wearing stocking wouldn’t be my everyday preference but i’ve worked at places that require them and they’re really not all that bad. i do prefer more opaque tights, though.

  3. I was totally inspired to start wearing hose after years of thinking it’s for old people with ugly legs or little girls in ballet. I love the non-slip aspect of the JLs, but I’m a Wolford girl all the way. They’re pricey, but I get the irregular ones at the outlet, and so far, I haven’t exactly figured out what makes them irregular. I don’t think they’re frumpy at all… the lady at the Wolford store said they’re “make up for your legs!” 🙂

  4. When I was younger I would have welcomed the no-hose lifestyle. However, as one ages and the legs are no longer picture perfect, a pair of sheer hose covers a multitude of flaws. Can’t say that I’ve ever enjoyed wearing hose but love that my legs look better in them. One can always tell when someoone is wearing hose because their legs almost always look better.

    • So true!!! I am naturally very pale and a little overweight. I love a slight tanned tight (so I don’t have to actually maintain a tan) and also I think they help to pull in all my bulgy bits haha

  5. Carly I agree with you. I love slightly tanned hose as well. I always go for DIM nylons, made in France. Here in Canada, they are slightly pricey ($8-10), but always make your legs look more attractive, and set off a great pair of shoes. I wear DIM’s “Gazelle” tone.

  6. Love!!!

  7. Wolford is WAY overpriced and no better quality than any other brand. I love Pretty Polly “Bare” tights, the 8 denier style in “Nude”. When I wear them I get many compliments, even from my daughter who thinks tights are awful. They only cost £2.75, but I can’t find them in the US so I order them 10 at a time from the UK and pay absurd shipping, but WORTH EVERY DOLLAR (or pound). I am 5’1″ and not as thin as I used to be, but the size SM/SP is a great fit. Doesn’t bag at the knee or bind at the waist. You girls in the UK are lucky to have many great choices, the tights here are not nice at all. Also you have Kate Middelton and we have Kim Kartrashian.

  8. I cannot explain WHY I have always appreciated the sight of a woman wearing nylons, pantyhose or sheer tights, but fashionably-speaking, I respectfully say that they instantly make a woman’s legs look MORE shapely, more “refined” and toned, regardless of [the woman’s] shape, size or weight. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine wears hosiery exceptionally well and it is encouraging to see someone of her stature wear “tights” when attending distinguished events; Galas, Balls, Formals, etc; especially when the current trend (particularly in America) is to go to such occasions “bare-legged,” (no offense to bare-legged fashion, of course). I image that they [tights/pantyhose] must be uncomfortable to wear (even more so just to put on), but believe me when I say that for men like me who favor a woman’s legs more than the more popular part of the female anatomy (breasts), I enjoy the presentation of such leg-wear and I applaud every woman with the feminine and mature fashion sense to give attention to even the smallest aspects of her attire; particularly to wear a thin layer of clothing which inexplicably adds elegance, class and yes…sexiness to her overall appearance. To quote a once popular slogan…”Nothing Beats A Great Pair Of Legs.” I couldn’t agree more, except that I would add…”Even more so in formal hosiery.”

  9. W R Kusrow says:

    An experienced opinion. Try PLATINO brand from Spain. I wear the Platino “NACAR”. in 15 den. They are by far the softest, smoothest and sheerest hosiery made. They are STW and say they have a reinforced toe but I don’t see it. They are not for everyday wear. A good price point at around $15.00. But for that special event or evening. You can’t go wrong. Very nice gloss to them. Your legs will just “POP”. You may have to order them online but just GOGGLE it. I have tried the top end hosiery. Wolford,Cecilia de Rafael,Fogal,Peirre Montoux etc. at $50.00 a pair. Wonderful hosiery but please, $50.00? Just try the Platino brand. You will be hooked and never go back. They also have produced what they call “Clean-cut” style. No waist band. But the mill that was producing them is gone. And who knows when they can find another. The Cecilia De Rrafael is also very wonderful. Also from Spain. The Spanish love great hosiery and know what they are doing. I will say one thing negative about the Platino. If you have rough feet, don’t wear them. They are very fine and will be destroyed. Trim your toe nails and smooth your feet and of course shave. If the Lady Kate ever reads this she will thank me. And if you all ever try them, You will also. The wearing of sheer hosiery has declined over the years. But know this my friends. I can walk into a room full of pretty bare legged ladies and all men’s eyes are on and stay on me. I’m not the prettiest one there but the most popular. Men love sheer hosiery on a lady. My old grandfather told me years ago. “If you want to catch the right fish, Use the right bait”. So my sisters please stop being lazy and wear more hosiery. Nothing makes a woman feel more like a woman than nylon! The returns are endless……

  10. You guys should totally try Fiore if you’re into European style high fashion hosiery but at normal prices….they are available directly in the US at


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