Kate Middleton’s Hair

Walk into any hairdresser’s salon and ask what their most requested style is. I bet they’ll reply with “Kate Middleton’s hair”!. This is because Kate’s hair is one of her most striking assets. Her thick, long, wavy brown hair is always popular – that’s why ladies across the world will ask for the “Kate Middleton” chop!

This section contains posts about Kate’s hair and it looks at what you should ask the hairdresser for, if you require the same style!

[Gallery] Kate Middleton hair styles – some of Kate’s best hair moments!

Another great hair day for Kate!

Back in November 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge had her hair cut and the world went "Kate hair" crazy.   Newspapers, magazines and bloggers were crying out about Kate's new hairstyle: "OMG SHE GOT BANGS" (also known as a fringe to those of us in the UK). So to, erm, celebrate (?) Kate's new hairstyle, I decided to make a gallery for you - full of Kate's hairstyles (perfect if you're off on a … [Read more...]

Kate Middleton’s Hair: What to ask for at the salon

kate middleton hair

Kate Middleton's hair is one of the most asked for styles at hair salons across the world.  From Europe to the Americas, Kate's style long brown hair is admired across the continents. I'm lucky enough to have a great friend who is a hairdresser, so I asked her what I should ask for in the salon to copy Kate's look.   She said: "If you wanted that 'cut' it looks pretty much one length to me … [Read more...]