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L.K Bennett Sledge Pumps

L.K. Bennett Sledge Patent Leather Platform Court Shoe

Nude patent court shoes

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Kate Middleton owns at least one pair of the L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps in nude.  She’s worn the shoe on a regular basis since 2011.

Kate Middleton wearing her L.K. Bennett Sledge Pumps

As Kate’s worn the L.K. Bennett Sledge for many years, I’d guess that they’re both comfortable and durable.  Ideal if you need to spend all day on your feet, meeting members of the public!

NOTE: L.K. Bennett have altered the shade of taupe for 2016. They’ve introduced a newer, lighter nude colour called “light taupe“.

Kate Middleton's L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps in nude

I own these pumps.  Click here to jump to my review.

L.K. Bennett Sledge Pumps in Nude, as worn by Kate Middleton

Where to buy L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps:

If you want to buy the L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps in nude, the first place to try is their website.

L.K. Bennett
USA & Canada
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L.K. Bennett
UK & Rest of the World
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Sadly, L.K. Bennett often sells out of Sledge pumps.  Also, I have a hunch they may be discontinuing the style (stock is very low in July, which you’d think would be peak season?)  If they’ve sold out of your size, try the places listed below.  (Note: some retailers stock the darker taupe, and some the lighter shade.)
ShopBop – $345 with free express shipping
Nordstrom – $345 with free shipping
Saks 5th Ave – $345 with free shipping
Shoptiques – $345 with free shipping
Selfridges – £145 (sale)
House of Fraser – £145 (sale)
Serenza – £212.50 with free delivery & returns. £10 off for signing up to newsletter
Shoptiques – £278 with free delivery
ShopBop – £263 with free express delivery

Rest of World
Most of the companies listed above will ship the L.K. Bennett Sledge shoes globally.
ShopBop – $345 (free express delivery)
House of Fraser – £145 (international delivery from £6)
Selfridges – £145 (international delivery from £15)

* All prices, offer codes and delivery information correct at the time of publishing (July 5, 2016).  All subject to change.  Codes may expire.  Check to see if free shipping applies in your location.  Note: these shoes might be subject to import duties and taxes if buying from abroad.  Some prices include this, some don’t.  Double check the retailer’s website first. 

Pictures of Kate wearing her L.K. Bennett Sledges:

About the L.K. Bennett Sledge shoe:

The Sledge court shoe is made from patent leather, features a platform and large heel.  L.K. Bennett describe the shoe as follows:

Sledge is a sleek, versatile platform in a modern, gloss patent leather. The feminine and sculptural toplines balance the amount of exposed toe cleavage. The built-in comfort factor ensures you won’t want to take these off, as they take you from desk to dinner effortlessly. Sledge is worn consistently by some of the most stylish women in the world.

ShopBop calls the nude shoes “ladylike”, while Nordstrom calls them “a perfectly sized platform”.

L.K. Bennett Sledge

The L.K. Bennett Sledge in more colours:

While Kate only wears the nude coloured Sledge pumps, L.K. Bennett regularly release the shoe in different colours to suit the season.   Here’s what’s currently available (at the time of writing – July 2016).

My review of Kate’s L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps:

I wanted to buy a pair of Kate’s nude Sledge pumps to wear to a wedding back in 2012.  In the end, I opted for the patent charcoal grey colour, instead of the taupe, because they matched my outfit better.  I also thought I might be able to get more wear about of the grey Sledges over the taupe/nude colour over time.  Here’s a rather grainy picture of me wearing them on two different occasions…L.K. bennett sledge shoes

As you can see in the photo on the left, I have a little toe cleavage.  This was first time I’d worn the Sledges out of the house, but the leather (fine Italian leather no less) soon stretched and the nasty toes disappeared!   I found the Sledge platforms to be super comfortable; I can see why Kate wears them so often.  My feet didn’t really ache or get sore -you don’t feel don’t feel like you’re wearing huge high heels.


I bought the Sledges in a UK size 7.  I typically buy EU41 shoes, which is a 7.5 in some stores and 8 in others.  I think in an ideal world, a 7.5 would have been perfect for me, but I tried on the 8 and they were far too big.  The size 7 Sledges do pinch a little to begin with, but they stretched for me.    I noticed that L.K. Bennett do sell some styles in half sizes – I’ll certainly buy half a size up on any future purchases.

I’ve worn my Sledges several times now and I really love them.  Further, I have chunky ankles and I think these really elongate the leg.  They made me feel very ladylike!

Reheeling and resoling your L.K. Bennett Sledges:

One of the events I attended was outdoors.  I was worried about water damage to the bottom of my Sledge shoes, so I took them to Timpson and had a very thin, beige half sole applied to the bottom after the first wear (this was recommended to me by a friend).

Just be careful when getting them resoled – tell the Cobbler explicitly that the shoes are expensive and need extra care – the man at Timpson nicked a tiny bit of the patent leather near the sole, but it’s not very noticable.  I’ve been thinking about using a Sharpie to cover it over!

During one evening, I scuffed a bit of the patent leather on the heel.   I took the shoes back the Cobbler and he put a little glue on the shoe which fixed the issue nicely.  You cannot really see the scuff now.

Also worth knowing – L.K. Bennett provide a spare heel tip with the shoes.

Please note: L.K. Bennett did NOT compensate me for this review; I paid full price for my L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps and simply reviewed them to help my readers decide whether or not to buy a pair. 

lk bennett sledge natalie

QUESTION: What is the difference between the L.K.Bennett Sledge and Sledge2?

If you followed Kate back to 2011, you may have heard internet chatter about two different nude styles.  The “Sledge” and a “Sledge2” pump.  The latter is just a slightly updated version of the former.

L.K. Bennett only sell the updated Sledge2 style now, but other stockists of the shoe still call the shoe “Sledge”, instead of “Sledge2”. This can be confusing for Kate fans.  So, what’s the difference? The answer is hardly anything!

L.K. Bennett told me:

“Sledge is a patent leather finish and Sledge2 is a high shine leather, other than that the 2 styles are identical!”

Both are shiny, but just treated differently by the looks of it!  Now you know!

It is thought that Kate wears the older ‘Sledge’ style, though it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s purchased a second, newer pair in recent years.  She MUST have worn those shoes out by now?  She wears them so often!

Kate wore her nude L.K. Bennett Sledge heels


Steal Kate Middleton's style: