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Pied a Terre Imperia Wedges

Pied A Terre Imperia Wedges in Black and Natural

Canvas & raffia espadrille wedge


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Kate Middleton owns two pairs of Pied A Terre Imperia wedges, one pair in black and a second pair in off-white.  The wedges are a staple in Kate’s closet, she wears them regularly.  Most recently, she wore them during the tour of India

Kate Middleton wears Anna Sui dress

And, here’s a picture of her wearing the shoe during a visit to Slave Lake in Alberta during the Canada Tour in 2011:

Duchess of Cambridge wore her Pied A Terre Imperia wedges during a visit to Slave Lake, Canada

About the Pied A Terre Imperia wedges:

imperia D wedgesPied A Terre’s wedges feature a canvas upper with closed toe and buckle slingback.  The raffia-style espadrille wedge is comfortable, ensuring you can wear this shoe all day long without aching feet!

The original Pied A Terre Imperia wedges had a heel height of 80 mm and they were made with a canvas upper and lined with leather.

The ‘Pied A Terre’ company no longer exists; they were absorbed by their parent company Dune London several years ago.  Dune London went on to release the Imperia wedges as “Imperia D” and then “Karley“.

Kate in Canada, wearing her Pied-A-Terre Imperia Wedges

Dune wrote a blog post about Kate, here’s what they had to say:

“Formerly branded as Pied a Terre ‘Imperia’, the same style is now available as the updated KARLEY by Dune London. And don’t worry folks it really is identical – so you can easily step out in the footsteps of a princess.”

Kate Middleton wears pink and black Topshop dress

Which colour wedges does Kate wear?

Kate owns the Pied-A-Terre wedges two different colours: off-white and black.  As Pied-A-Terre and Dune London, both stocked several “off-white” colours, the particular colour Kate wore is subject to debate.

Kate leaving the hospital with George, wearing Imperia wedges

It’s believed that Kate wears Pied A Terre’s ‘Neutral’ colour, though, it is worth knowing that the brand also issued a “Linen” white colour several years previous too.  Some say Kate could be wearing the Linen colour, not the Neutral.  However, in reality, the fabrics are only a shade or two different!

Here’s a look at Kate wearing her Pied A Terre Imperia wedges in both colours, black and neutral/linen:

Kate Middleton wears the Pied A Terre Imperia wedges in both black and natural

Where to buy Kate’s wedges today:

At the time of writing (June 2016), Dune only has the Karley wedge in two colours: gold lurex and cream.  Only a limited number of sizes remain in stock.  Shop them here.

Dune Karley Wedges

If you’re looking for something similar, why not try Dune’s Carey espadrille?  They come in gold and nude.  Click here to shop.

Dune Wedges similar to Kate Middletons

Pied A Terre Imperia / Dune Karley reviews:

I asked Kate fans on my Facebook page to review these wedges.

Sophia has them in the natural colour.  She says the wedges are “very comfortable”.  She says they have “an interesting combination of looking both casual and chic.”

Tam reviewed the wedges too.  She owns THREE PAIRS. She has the original Pied-A-Terre Imperia in cream and the Dune Karley in both black and navy.  She tells me they’re staple shoes in her closet and says they’re comfortable too.

Does Kate wear the Pied A Terre Imperia wedges or the Ivy P?

When Kate first wore the slingback wedges, fans were unsure if she wore the Pied A Terre Imperia or Ivy P style.  Pied A Terre did confirm Kate wore their wedges, but they would not confirm which of the two styles she bought..   They do however say that that the shoes are “nearly identical.”  Luckily, with a little sleuth work, we have solved the mystery…!

The Duchess of Cambridge wore the pied a terre imperia wedges visiting Uluru in Australia

Fellow Kate fan and good friend Kellie owns both the Ivy P and the Imperia wedges and kindly provided me with photographs of each, so we can compare both shoes.  She says the Ivy P style has a more distinctive raffia – it is “thicker, and more rope like than the Imperia.”  See below:

Pied A Terre Ivy P and Imperia comparison

Compare the raffia wedge heel with Kate’s and you can clearly see Kate wears the Imperia, not the Ivy P wedges.

About Dune and Pied A Terre:

Dune and Pied A Terre are both part of the same company, The Dune Group.  Interestingly, The Dune Group also create Episode shoes for House of Fraser (another brand of footwear Kate’s worn in the past).

Previously, Pied A Terre had its own website where I viewed the Imperia and Ivy P wedges many times.   The brand closed the Pied A Terre website and amalgamated their brands together on the one Dune London website.


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