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L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress

L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress

Blue poppy print dress

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In 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) visited Keech Hospice in Luton.   She wore L.K. Bennett’s Lasa poppy print dress in “snorkel blue”.

Kate Midldeton wearing the L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Print Dress

This isn’t the first time Kate has worn the poppy print dress.  It first made its debut in 2014, during the Royal Visit to New Zealand and Australia!   Kate wore the dress during a tour of a Royal Australian Air Force Base:

Kate wears the L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress

The Lasa dress was – and still is – very popular amongst fans.

Kate Middleton wearing the L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Print Dress

The dress was already low in stock before Kate wore it, due to its popularity.  (A few different celebrities wore the Lasa dress before Kate did. Scroll down to view details).

Kate Middleton wearing the LK Bennett Lasa dress in Australia

About the L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Dress

The Lasa dress came in two colours before it sold out, a bright and cheery orange and a cool, vibrant blue named “snorkel” (as worn by Kate).  Below, we show the blue snorkel colour:

L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Dress

And here’s a look at the Lasa dress in the beautiful red-orange poppy colour:

L.K. Bennett Lasa Poppy Dress

Here’s how L.K. Bennett described the Lasa dress:

Let your spring style blossom with the Lasa dress. This silhouette-skimming style comes adorned with bright poppies, arranged in an artful print against a white backdrop. This is the modern way to wear florals, whether at a wedding or summer party, so keep accessories minimal – a pair of pointed heels and a sleek, colour pop clutch is all you need.


  • The Lasa dress is mid-length and hits the knee,
  • It is made from 67% cotton, 32% viscose, 1% spandex,
  • It is lined with 100% polyester,
  • The dress features a floral poppy print,
  • The dress features bust darts, zip fastening and a petticoat,
  • It is not machine washable.

The Lasa dress originally retailed for £245 / $245 at L.K. Bennett.

Where to buy the L.K. Bennett Lasa dress –

L.K. Bennett no longer sells the original Lasa style.  If you’re hoping to score the exact dress, your best bet is eBay.

The Lasana dress:

After the original Lasa dress sold out, L.K. Bennett released a new version named “Lasana”.  The dress different from the original; L.K. Bennett added fluted sleeves and a more graphic poppy print.  Below, we show the dresses side-by-side:

L.K. Bennett Lasa and Lasana dresses

Despite their differences, the Lasana is strikingly similar to the “Lasa”; both feature the bold coloured “exploding” floral design on crisp white fabric.  The Lasana came in three different colours, hot pink, bold yellow and black/pink.

LK Bennett Lasana Dress in Black and Pink

Similar L.K. Bennett Dresses:

If you’d like to copy Kate’s style, perhaps try one of these L.K. Bennett dresses.  They’re the same cut as the Lasa dress but feature a different floral print.

Bree – ON SALE! 

The “Bree” poppy print dress (pictured below)  is a good alternative to the Lasa.  It’s available in red, white and blue at

L.K. Bennett Bree dress is very similar to the Lasa

The blue and yellow version of the dress (pictured below) is more widely available:

Kate Middleton Bree Dress

Tamara – ON SALE! 

There’s also the Tamara floral print dress (pictured below).  This white dress features ‘a scattering of florals’ in blue and yellow shades.  It’s another great choice if you’re looking for something similar to Kate’s Lasa dress.

L.K. Bennett Tamara Dress in white

Where to buy this dress:

Polena – NEW SEASON! 

The Polena dress isn’t the same cut as the Lasa dress (it features a rounded neckline) but it is a great choice if you’re attending an important event (such as a wedding or party) during the autumn/winter season.  It features rich coloured florals on a black background:

L.K. Bennett Polena dress

It’s available from:

Lasa dress celebrity fans:

As I wrote above, the L.K. Bennett Lasa dress was already popular before Kate wore it.  A number of celebrities wore the dress throughout 2014:

L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress

Celebrities from left to right:
Susanna Reid (Spotted.Tv) /  Mindy Kaling (  /  Lorraine Kelly (Spotted.Tv)

The Lasana dress was a popular choice too!  Below, we show TV presenter and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden in the yellow poppy print dress during a meeting with the Queen.

Amanda Holden Lasana Dress


Where Kate wore her L.K. Bennett Lasa Dress

Steal Kate Middleton's style: