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Kate attends the wedding of Emily McCorquodale and James Hutt

You can really tell it’s wedding season, as Kate was spotted at yet another wedding today!    Kate was accompanied by both Princes William and Harry to the occasion, where the Princes’ cousin Emily McCorquodale was marrying James Hutt.  The wedding took place in Stoke Rochford, a small village located in Lincolnshire.

For the wedding, Kate wore a number of recycled pieces, most of which you’ll recognise from previous official occasions and events:

kate attends a wedding today

Kate wore her grey Katherine Hooker coat dress, which she also wore to last year’s Order of the Garter ceremony over her Jenny Packham grey silk floral print dress (from the Santa Barbara polo match during her tour of Canada and the United States last year).

In the way of accessories, you may recognise her Whiteley hat from Epsom Derby last year?   Kate also wore her trusty L.K. Bennett platform shoes, her grey suede Hobbs clutch bag (which she wore last year to the tree planting ceremony at Rideau Hall, Canada) and her pearl earrings from Heavenly Necklaces.  These earrings caused a flurry this week after Facebook friends Michelle and Anna tracked them down online, confirming with the designer that they’re the same earrings.  Subsequently, many news stories appeared online because the earrings did not contain diamonds but a much cheaper imitation called cubic zirconia.  We first saw the earrings when Kate and the Queen visited Kate’s wedding dress display last year and again recently over the jubilee weekend.

Kate Middleton Clutch BagWant Kate’s Hobbs clutch bag?  The fabulous Ashley shared with us some fun news on Facebook:  the clutch is available to buy online in a number of colours:  pink suede, tan patent and purple suede.  It costs £110.

Kate’s garments and accessories look brilliantly pulled together, it’s almost as if she’d shopped this outfit from scratch.  I wish I was this great at coordinating older items in my wardrobe!

Worth noting is Kate’s hair:

She wore a plait around the back of her hair, with the ends all loosely curled:

kates hair at the wedding today

Credits:  With thanks to Hannah Gladman, Anna from My Small Obsessions, @RegalEyes and @IkonPictures for the information about the wedding.

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  1. Bless her Princess heart for recycling here clothes ! I really don’t know what is the big deal of her wearing same clothes that she wore before. I think people that are making a big deal out these are people that have nothing to do with their lives. Or either that they are just trying to make every penny that they can earn from gossip or being ignorant.Give it a rest you probably look stupid when you say something about people that have more common sense than you do.
    You really should find something else to gossip about or change your career.

  2. They married at STOKE ROCHFORD village church and Hall, which the bride’s parents own although they haven’t lived there for a while.

    Research is a wonderful thing. Accurate research is invaluable.

    • Hello,

      When I wrote the article (before The Daily Mail had put up their article) I had only been told the wedding took place in Stoke Rochford, which is a village. Hence why I included that in my post.

      The Daily Mail clearly have more resources to research facts like that (for example, access to the event and information about it in advance).

      I don’t think by adding the words “village church and hall” to the article makes it any more valuable. It’s not like I neglected to mention a major part of the story (which by all counts, due to the nature of the blog, was about Kate’s outfit and not necessarily the wedding itself.)

      • I believe he was referring to the spelling of the town, which is correct in your reply but incorrect in the article.

        Small deal. She looks stunning.

        • Thanks for that. Hilarious I made a mistake after I sit and mentally correct loads in the Daily Mail (I’m usually quite funny about that!!)

          Daily Mail have the wrong sibling getting married in their article – at least I didn’t make that mistake!! hehehe

        • HA! Even better, just realised I copied the spelling from a journalist’s tweet on Twitter. Oops!

          Corrected it in the article now, thank you 🙂

  3. melissa says:

    love the outfit

  4. melissa says:

    pretty kate 🙂 i’d like to see the bride though

  5. I really don’t think that anyone should make any comments about or towards Kate about re-wearing any item of clothing – her clothes are very lovely but also expensive and even if they weren’t, the whole point of buying clothing/shoes/accessories is to wear them and then re-wear them. For example I like to build up a few (5 or more) really nice outfits wear them all and then re-wear them because they’re so nice, people will still think it looks nice on you. I am a shopper of high street not designer but I’m working on it – I would love to own a pair of Kate’s LK Bennett Taupe Sledges so hopefully some day I will – If anyone agrees with my point please reply – and Kate, you looked lovely – ignore the press and other people – love your style

    • Carly (admin) says:

      I really don’t think anyone is being critical?

      As I told Marie via email:

      I pointed out that Kate recycled her garments on this situation to show how she managed to pull a fresh look together using older pieces that we’d previously seen styled in different ways at high profile events.

      It is kind of interesting that Kate seems to wear clothing she’s worn to high profile events again and again, especially to the recent weddings. She’s not bothered about being photographed in the same garment twice, unlike many other celebrities who are a slave to fashion and wouldn’t be seen dead photographed in the same dresses twice (especially so if their fashion sense is as widely discussed and scrutinised as Kate’s.) It’s refreshing that she doesn’t care in this day & age we live in.

      Further, not everyone can afford to buy new dresses and coats all the time, for every occasion (I certainly can’t) and it makes us feel as if there’s no shame in ‘recycling’ items; the media and peer pressure might make you think otherwise at times.

      I think people have missunderstood my comments and taken them as an attack.

      For a blog that writes about what Kate is wearing, her outfit choices and her style, of course I will point out if we’ve seen her in clothing previously. It’s a point of interest: other people might be coming to the site to work out where they’ve seen the dress/coat previously…

  6. Carly I really enjoy your posts about Catherine and her style. I like it when you point out that she has worn something before, because we all do repeat many of the clothes that we wear. For me, it is a nice reminder, because I may think one of her frocks or hats looks familiar, but can’t place it, so I like it when you tell me when she wore it previously and the occasion. I don’t think it’s criticism of Catherine to note that she has worn something before. I like her loyalty to favorite items such as her LK Bennett pumps; surely we all have favorite items that we recycle, and on a more frequent basis than Catherine! I like the message that she is sending by recycling clothes for high profile events. Thank you for the news and pictures – now I don’t have to buy all those magazines to keep uo with Kate!

  7. I love that Kate re-wears her own clothes and even shares with her mom and sister. What a down to earth group of ladies they seem to be. Although we know the Middletons are weatlhy and Kate had plenty of clothes before her marriage, once she joined the royal family and had a lot more public appearances to attend as a major guest, out of necessity she had to enlarge her wardrobe. And she always looks well put together whether it be with a dresser or not. Even when at her most casual such as hiking with the scouts or walking Lupo, she knows she is subject to being photographed and always looks great…even in jeans and boots. I frequently see pictures of Hollywood celebrities who are a total mess even in public, which is something you’ll never see with Kate. I only wish I was her size and age so I could dress the same 🙂

  8. The Duchess looks stunning. I love that Jenny Packham dress – love the way she did her hair. Who cares if the earrings have CZ and not diamonds on them? Shame she wore the nude platforms shoes again. Other than that her outfit was sensational.

  9. Katherine says:

    Great news! For ladies wanting Kate’s Barbour defence jacket, it is now available in a size US 8 on ebay!!

  10. I like her look, beautiful…

  11. The Genteel had a great (balanced) piece about the Duchess’ style today, saying she’s “fit to be Queen”!

  12. Hi! Love Kate and love this blog!!!
    I have found an useful video about her headpieces on Youtube:


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  14. HELLO!!! I love this blog and love kates style so thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

    Shes flawless

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