Get Kate’s Style: Kate’s monochrome Zara dress

Ladies across the land loved Kate’s black and white geometric circle printed dress from Zara, which she wore to the wedding of Sam Waley Cohen and Bella Ballin in Berkshire on Saturday June 11th 2011.   After a bit of crafty Googling, we noticed that Kate had worn the dress in public previously, to exclusive members-only nightclub Boujis in 2007:

Kate Middleton Black Zara Dress

Kate leaving the nightclub with Pippa in a black & white Zara dress.

This, unfortunately, means that without nipping onto eBay & praying someone is selling it in your size, you can no longer get your hands on Kate’s lovely monochrome print dress.

If you’d like to copy Kate’s style without forking out over £90 on a secondhand Zara dress, here’s a widget I’ve updated with fabulous alternatives.  They’re not exactly the same, but I’ve selected sleek black and white dresses that will look great worn to any wedding.  Should you team them with monochrome accessories, you’ll achieve Kate’s classic style:

Shop Kate's Wardrobe:


  1. I was just wondering in the picture the day after kate and william’s wedding she was wearing a zara dress with lk bennet maddox shoes but what about the blazer???


    • I’m afraid I have no idea, though it does remind me of the white Joseph jacket she wore to to Epsom recently almost. If I find out I’ll let you know!

      • I would also like to know, or perhaps to find similar jackets – it looks so ordinary and simple, but I can´t find jackets like this one! Perhaps we/you can ask via facebook (Kate Middleton Style Blog or WKW)…?!?

  2. I love this website! its so helpful and as a teenager who dreams of being like kate middleton i find it really useful and I love the dorothy perkins black and white dress!
    thankyou, keep it up!

  3. Helena Paterson says:

    Hi there

    I have this EXACT Zara dress on ebay right now – not a lookey-likey…
    It’s amazing how many people have been in contact from all over the world, Women from Europe, Australia and the USA have been in touch with me over the past few days,

    She looks so beautiful in it, I love that she recycles and buys on the high street!

    If you are interested please do take a look…

    Helena x

  4. Stephany says:

    Well girls, if you keep searching for the look-alike dress or something similar. For the US girls I found this one: if you are interested in the look. It´s not quite like Kate´s dress but it´s a pretty dress. Just add the belt and got the look


  1. [...] the Kate style community thought she had donned her Prada shoes once again (the ones from the Waley-Cohen wedding and worn during Day two’s celebrations in Ottawa), but it turns out these blue heels [...]

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