Get Kate’s Style: Mulberry Push Polly Handbag

If you love Kate’s navy blue Mulberry Polly Push-Lock bag from Day 1 of the Canada tour (at Heathrow Airport) and want to buy something similar then we have got a treat for you!

The wonderful Anita showed us this bag on our Facebook page and we all swooned over it: It looks very similar to the Mulberry bag carried by Kate for a fraction of the price.  It’s so cheap in comparison – a great great alternative if you can’t justify spending £800 on a handbag but want to snag Kate’s style for yourself:

Kate Middleton's mulberry bag alternative

Left to Right:
Mulberry Polly Push-Lock Shoulder Bag £850.00 from Selfridges
Kimchi & Blue Two-Tone Lady Bag £40.00 from Urban Outfitters

A very good alternative to the Mulberry:

As you can see, both bags are an uncannily similar shape with gold hardware, brown straps and handles (though the strap is not shown in the front shot of the Kimchi bag, as it’s tucked inside) and a similar shape closing flap.

I’ve just noticed that Urban Outfitters also have a 70% sale on, so I’m off to hunt for some more bargains!

Happy shopping Kate fans x

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  1. That is awesome! In reading the reviews on the Urban Outfitter’s site, it sounds as if the faux leather is somewhat fragile. I’m hoping someone like Coach will make a similar bag this fall….. I love the original Mulberry, but don’t want to spend quite that much.

  2. Jessica says:

    Love the original Mulberry, but this looks like a great alternative. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My Urban Outfitters version of the bag arrived yesterday and i LOVE it. While it might not be a Mulberry, it’s a pretty good alternative. And I know that someone had left a negative comment about the bag on the Urban Outfitters website but my impression is that it is a well made bag, sturdy and large enough to carry a fair bit of stuff :o) Just need the dress, jacket and shoes to go with it haha!

  4. i know it’s probably a few months too late but, where can i still get my hands on the real/authentic mulberry polly push lock bag in midnight navy? i’ve searched everywhere and everyone’s sold out! =( was really hoping to get it for myself for christmas… can you help?

    • Hey Jennifer
      There are a couple on right now. I am also wanting one! They are so gorgeous irl but I missed out because they sold out so fast.

      • thanks annie! i will try that! but i always feel so shady buying “authentic” items from ebay! never know if the item’s really what they say it is! but alas… i am desperate so i will take the risk! please lemme know if you hear of any other places that have it back in stock? thanks!


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