Day 1: Kate arrives in Ottawa, Canada

Kate Middleton Ottawa Canada

· Will and Kate have landed in Ottawa
· Kate’s wears Canadian Designer Erdem
· Scroll down for similar blue lace dresses

Their Royal Highnesses Catherine and William have just landed in Ottawa, Canada.   The newlywed couple are visiting the country together for the first time.

Here’s a great picture of Kate’s full outfit:

Kate Middleton Erdem Lace

© CTC Royals – used under licence

Kate’s outfit:

As expected, Kate changed out of the outfit she wore as she departed the UK this morning.  She arrived in Ottawa wearing a navy blue lace dress with her nude L.K. Bennett Sledge2 shoes.  The dress is the Cecile dress designed by Canadian designer Erdem and it forms part of the Resort 2012 collection (though as WhatKateWore reports the Erdem website shows the dress as part of their pre-Spring 2011 collection too.)

The dress is a great choice for Kate: she wears a classic “Kate” style dress, but by a Canadian designer, known and liked very much in the UK. (However not everyone agrees: some commenters below think the dress is inappropriate for the occasion – do you agree? Let us know in the comments.)

Here’s a Tweet about Kate’s outfit change from @RoyalReporter on Twitter:

Kate Middleton Land Ottawa

And then the lace dress is confirmed by Erdem to be part of their collection:

Kate Middleton Erdem dress

Here’s a picture of the Erdem dress in more detail:

Kate Middleton Blue Erdem Dress

Via What Kate Wore

Kate’s hair:

The top section  of Kate’s hair has been tied up into an elegant up-do by her personal hairdresser during the flight:

kate middleton hair ottawa

Kate’s accessories:

Kate chose to carry the nude animal-skin print clutch bag (faux snake skin perhaps?)  which we are yet to identify.  She also wore her Nude L.K. Bennett heels, a silver bracelet and these earrings:

kate earrings ottawa

© CTC Royals – used under licence

Here’s a picture of the clutch bag and shoes in more detail.  Click the clutch to see it larger.

kate nude clutch bag kate nude LK bennetts ottawa

Get Kate’s look:

This blue dress doesn’t appear to be available for purchase but French Connection currently have some dresses, skirts and tops in which are great alternatives:

Similar dress to Kate's Blue Lace Dress Kate Middleton Similar Blue Lace Erdem Kate Middleton Blue Lace

L-R:  Anna Dress in Ultra Blue,  Vaity Dress in Blue Blood, Anna Pencil Skirt in Ultra Blue

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  1. Wearing a dress of a Canadian designer is really kind of her but wearing lace at landing is quite silly

    • Don’t you like the lace Bea? I love it. Plus it is VERY trendy in the UK at the moment.

  2. Would love a closer look at Kate’s earrings….any ideas about her clutch bag? I think I have an accessories obsession!

    • Thanks for the close up shot of the earrings. Does anyone know who the designer is?

  3. Can someone explain to me why they think Kate’s dress this afternoon is not appropriate? I think it’s beautiful and she looks great. I’m Canadian and very happy that her and Will have joined us for Canada Day. I see nothing wrong with the dress she has chosen for her first official event here.

    • I just assume that it’s something to do with the lace, maybe because lace can sometimes have racy connotations? But Kate’s dress is cream with dark lace over the top. It’s chic and elegant.

  4. I think she looked effortlessly stylish on boarding at Heathrow and absolutely stunning on arriving in Canada – wish I could look half as good after such a long flight! Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on this website. I only discovered it a few days ago but was so happy to find I wasn’t the only one to love Kate’s look. I love waiting to see what alternatives you come up with to copy Kate’s look and have purchased a few of your suggested items. Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Inappropriate was probably the wrong word. Lace just has an evening and a party feel to it (not racy as much as dressy), and they were starting their trip by visiting a national war memorial. I would have preferred what she wore on the plane.

    • I think I agree when you put it like that. Maybe it’s just my head that thought “racy” hahaha.

      Yes, a party feel, I know what you mean. Maybe the suit would have worked better for the war memorial.

    • Yes, I see your point too, and I agree. Lace has a party feel to it and probably wasn’t the best choice for the war memorial.

  6. Don’t get me wrong…I still think she looked wonderful, as usual:)

  7. Kate would look beautiful in a sack; however, I give the dress she wore today 0 out of 10. What an incredibly boring dress! All of the reporters kept repeating that it was Canadian-designed and that soon copies would be flying off the shelves, blah, blah, blah, but I cannot see why such a lovely young women would want to wear something as dull as that.

    “Kind of her” to choose a Canadian designer for her first appearance in Canada, indeed, but why choose such an uninspired outfit? Mind you, it was better than that refitted Canadian flag worn by Laureen Harper!

  8. She’s beautiful, with a great silhouette and a radiant face – she and Wills are clearly very much in love.
    I love her items’ recycling but sometimes I think she doesn’t know the fundamentals of dressing with taste: black at weddings, useless slip knot scarf with elegant coat, fussy matching bag-shoes, morning lace dress… Anyway she’s adorable, she seems so down to earth!

  9. Hi There,

    Thanks for the information.
    What about the bracelet that she is wearing. It seems to me to recognize it from somewhere.
    Any idea?

  10. Thanks Libby !

  11. Does anyone know where the clutch is from? I have the shoes but never managed to get the right clutch…

  12. litte pea says:

    I like her shoes

  13. I have found a dress on Oasis for £60 – very the same – gorgeous – slight peplum detail! Check it out here at


  14. I think I’ve found Kate’s clutch which she has since worn –

  15. Wear do you find that dress?


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