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L.K. Bennett Maddox

Black raffia-heeled wedges

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If you’ve been following Kate’s style since around the time of her engagement to Prince William, you’ve probably noticed she used to often wear a pair of lovely black raffia-heeled wedges.  Specifically, Kate wears the L.K. Bennett “Greta” style.  However, L.K. Bennett updated their Greta shoe for re-release in 2011, and named the new style “Maddox“.

LK bennett wedges: maddox & greta

Kate wearing her L.K. Bennett wedges in public:

Kate has worn her L.K. Bennett wedges in public on many occasions, including:

  • The afternoon before her wedding with the Issa bird print dress (see above)
  • The morning after her wedding with the Zara blue dress

What is the difference between the Maddox and the Greta L.K. Bennett wedges?

As you can see from the photographs above, the shoe Kate wears has a small platform running around the shoe.  The newer ‘Maddox’ does not have a platform.  This is particularly obvious if you look at the front of the shoe.

Where can you buy the Maddox wedge from?

As the Greta is no longer stocked by L.K. Bennett and scuffed up old pairs fetch unreasonable amounts on eBay.  If you’d like to buy the very similar Maddox wedge instead, you should try Shoptique (bottom left) or try one of L.K. Bennett’s new, similar wedges (centre and right).

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