Day 7: Kate visits Slave Lake in Smythes blazer and J Brand 811 jeans

Kate Middleton Ottawa Canada · Kate recycles Smythes’ Jacket
· She wears mystery ruffled shirt
· Skinny Jeans J Brand 811 confirmed
· Love her raffia heeled slingback wedges!

Day seven sees Catherine and William pay a visit to Slave Lake in Alberta.   Although today was originally meant to be clear for the Royal Couple to rest, retreat and recoup, they decided to ditch their plans and visit the people of Slave Lake whose lives had been affected by the wild fires in May.

Kate’s outfit:

Kate wore her navy Smythes jacket (from day one of the trip), along with a pair of J Brand 811 ankle-length jeans in Navy Luxe, a thick brown belt, creamy white ruffled shirt and Pied-a-Terre slingback wedges with raffia heels:

kate middleton outfit at slave lake

Kate’s brown belt:

UPDATE: Courtesy of Eva, fan of What Kate Wore:

Kate’s belt was crafted by Linda Camm.

Camm’s business is on the Tanzanian border, bordering Kenya, where she sells her products. Camm and her team of Masssai women, create leather belts, jewellery and sandals that are adorned with beads. The belts are only sold in Kenya and Nairobi.

One blogger claims that Kate must have purchased the belt in Kenya, which is not beyond possibility as the Royal Couple got engaged in Kenya on holiday last year.

The Linda Camm website does not have this exact belt in stock, but it does carry several similar versions.

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  1. Can’t wait to find out where Kate’s blouse is from. From the one pic I saw of it, it’s not her engagement blouse from Whistles.

  2. It’s her whistles blouse for sure!

  3. Kimberly says:
  4. Courtney says:

    Btw, the wildfires did not occur last year, the town was burnt in May 2011.

    • Oh, that’s odd. I got that information from Wikipedia. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll edit it.

    • Maybe they were referencing an older fire?

      • Courtney says:

        That is very possible, as there are wildfires in that part of the province often. However, the one that did burn homes, etc. was in May 2011 :)

  5. Melissa says:

    it is so classy that they came here to this fire ravaged town on their day off (they were originally going to go to beautiful banff, ab) and then went here.
    This will boost the people’s morale. God bless them.

    here are some great photos from their visit in slave lake

  6. Jessica says:

    It’s not the Whistles engagement blouse; the ruffles are completely different. I agree with Melissa – I think that it is great that they took their day off to visit with the people of Slave Lake :)

  7. Do you know where the black sling backs with wedge heel are from please?
    I really want a pair

  8. the wedges are L.K. Bennet and the Blazer/Jacket is Smythes…not the blouse like it said in the first paragraph.

    • Oops! Will change, thanks for letting me know. That’s what happens when you’re head gets mashed from Kate overload!

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