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Day Three: Kate stuns in Alexander McQueen gown at official dinner held by His Majesty The Agong at Istana Negara

After spending time at the hospice in Malaysia earlier in the day, Kate and William headed back to their hotel for a few hours before emerging ready for a state dinner held by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The King) of Malysia at the Istana Negara – the Malay National Palace.

kate gold mcqueen dress

During the dinner, both Kate and William were presented with gifts from the King and Queen.  William was given a gold encrusted Malay warrier’s sword known as a Kris.  Kate was presented with a black pair of lace peep toe shoes by Lewre, a designer that The Australian calls “The Malaysian equivalent of Jimmy Choo.”  Kate was also presented with a glittering diamante clutch bag and a Batik dress.

Kate made a confession to the Malaysian Queen during the evening in regard to her nerves before the speech she made earlier in the day.  Kate said: “I was so nervous and I am very glad that it is over with. There was an amazing atmosphere.”

The Mirror also recorded that Kate spoke about palace while waiting for the King and Queen to arrive, declaring “it is beautiful, those chandeliers are wonderful. It’s amazing.”

Kate’s outfit:

Kate wore a stunning white and gold floor length gown designed by Alexander McQueen. It is the second time Kate has opted to showcase the British designer during this tour.

The bespoke dress features Malaysian hibiscus flowers in gold detail, layered over white flowing fabric. The gown features capped sleeves and a sweetheart neckline:

kate middleton in gold and white mcqueen dress

Rebecca English, who works for The Daily Mail and was covering the dinner tonight, described Kate’s dress as “exquisite, real fairytale princess.”

Kate’s accessories:

Kate's accessories in Malaysia 

Image © James Whatling / Corbis –

Sadly Kate is not wearing a tiara to this event, quashing the circulating rumours that she was to borrow some bling from The Queen’s collection for this tour.  Royal fans were hoping to see Kate wearing her first tiara during this State Dinner.

Kate wore some new gold jewellery during the evening.  The fabulous Anna and Ayvee found the designer pretty quickly:  both the bracelet and earrings are by Catherine Zoraida.  The Bracelet is called the “Scale”, as it features leaves arranged as a scale.  It’s handmade in the UK.  You can still buy the piece from FarFetch by clicking the image below:

The earrings, by the same designer, are called the “Double Leaf Earrings” and they’re made in 18ct gold plated silver.  They have delicate feather engraved detailing.  You can buy them directly from Catherine Zoraida’s website, click the image below:

Kate Middleton Gold Earrings

Clarence House describe the jewellery as part of “Her Royal Highness’ private collection.”

It’s unclear what shoes Kate wore to the function, with most newspapers reporting that Kate wore “four inch satin heels”.  You can see from the photo above that Kate’s shoes appear to be gold and perhaps cream.  Other photographs show the sole of Kate’s shoes are very light cream too.

Finally, it looks like Kate is clutching her gold sparkly Wilbur and Gussie clutch bag, the same bag she wore previously to the Paralympics and 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala.

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. marion j taylor says:

    stunning dress………….. I want one ! shes just exquisite…

  2. gorgeous

  3. if I was rich ,I will wear the best clothes .she is just lucky

  4. Olivia Taylor says:
  5. i think she has very good taste and money doesnt make difference. actually lot of cloth looks very easy line and becouse of that is very ellegant. i admire

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