Day 2: Will and Kate Join in Canada Day Evening Celebrations!

Massive thank you to Dana who wrote this guest post for us live as the action unfolded last night (while I was asleep – well it was 2am here! She correctly identified Kate’s purple dress, shoes and handbag, as well as filling us in on all the much-needed detail! Thanks Dana!

Kate Middleton Ottawa Canada· Kate wears purple dress
· Purple dress by Issa!

· Kate wears silver maple brooch
· Anya Hindmarsh clutch & Prada shoes

Kate’s outfit:

Kate is showed off her beautiful maple leaf broach again with a stunning purple v-neck, long sleeved dress:

Kate Middleton Purple Dress

Kate’s dress is confirmed to be by Issa:

Purple Issa Dress Kate

As mentioned in some comments, I LOVE how the purple makes the diamond broach really stand out, as it should!

Kate’s hair:

Kate chose to wear her hair in an up do, which got mixed reactions on Twitter.  Although we love to see Kate’s trademark glossy locks down, we can understand why Kate would want her hair pinned up in such heat!

Here you can see her hair style from the back:

Kate Middleton Hair

Kate’s black clutch bag:

Kate carried a familiar bag, the Anya Hindmarch bespoke ‘Maud’ silk clutch, seen when meeting the Obamas & again at Sam Waley-Cohen wedding.

Here’s the silver version of Kate’s black clutch bag:

Kate Middleton Black Clutch

Kate’s shoes:

Kate’s Prada pumps made another appearance as well!

Kate’s earrings:

They appear to be new, but we’ll update you with more information once we’ve found them!

That concludes day two.  According to the Canadian Tourism Commission,  the Royal Couple will now visit la belle province, and proceed on to Montreal, Quebec.

Shop Kate's Wardrobe:


  1. Awesome preliminary look. So refreshing to see something other than cream, white, navy, or even red!

    Having had long hair myself in the past, I have an appreciation on how it can sometimes really get in the way. Putting her hair up really shows off the diamond maple leaf – looks great!

    • I have long hair too & it’s the last thing you want in the heat, I think the up-do was a fantastic choice.

      • I used to have long hair too, and totally agree with you. It can be great except in the wind and heat. I think she looks absolutely stunning in this purple dress. Stunning! Catherine is so photogenic, she never takes a bad photo.

  2. I’m sure it’s not the one she’s wearing, but I have a dress that is very similar to this one. If anyone is looking for a more affordable version they should try this one by Three Dots.

  3. sourbunnie says:

    Hello – do you have any idea which Prada Pumps Kate wears? I love the shape of them. Thanks!


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