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Kate wears Alice by Temperley blouse for the Calgary Stampede

In early July, William and Kate were in town for the Calgary Stampede, as part of their tour of Canada.  Earlier in the evening, the royal couple carried out a couple of engagements, with Kate wearing a primrose yellow Jenny Packham dress.  Read more about that by clicking here.

William and Kate ride into Calgary

William and Kate ride into Calgary

Kate and Will rode into town on a stagecoach.  Here’s another look at them:

William and Kate visit the Calgary Stampede

William and Kate visit the Calgary Stampede

They both wore white cowboy hats (which were gifts from the Mayor of Calgary) especially for the event:

William and Kate in their white cowboy hats

William and Kate in their white cowboy hats

Kate’s outfit:

Kate wore a blue and white shirt from the Temperley London diffusion line, Alice by Temperley.  The shirt is called “Armonia” and it forms part of the designer’s 2012 resort collection.

Alice by Temperley Armonia Blouse

Alice by Temperley Armonia Blouse

Even though the Armonia shirt is sold out, you can still view its former page on – the online retailer describes the blouse as having “bohemian spirit”.  They add:

Be sure to wear your hair up to showcase the ruffled neckline – styling with leather shorts and flats will give this piece a contemporary contrast.

Here’s a look at the back of Kate’s shirt –

The back of Kate's Temperley shirt from the Calgary Stampede

The back of Kate’s Temperley shirt from the Calgary Stampede

The Armonia blouse is made from white semi-sheer cotton, with purple and navy blue embroidery detail.  The blouse features a ruffled high neck and bib detailing, with buttoned cuffs.

Another look at the royal couple

Another look at the royal couple

Shop Alice by Temperley Blouses & Tops:

A number of newspapers reported that Kate’s bootcut jeans were by Goldsign.  Back in 2011, Goldsign tweeted me to say they love Kate, and were pleased to announce she was wearing their “Passion Bootcut Jeans” in “Habit.”

goldsign passion bootcut jeans, via

Goldsign Passion Bootcut Jeans, via

London-based boutique Austique blogged about Kate buying the jeans from their store.  Read the post by clicking here.

Kate’s boots were made by R. Soles, an independent retailer on London’s King’s Road.   In July 2011 the brand confirmed that Kate did indeed wear their boots. Kate owns the Vegas Setter style.

R.Sole Vegas Setter Cowboy Boots

R.Sole Vegas Setter Cowboy Boots, via What Kate Wore

Finally, Kate wore a silver and leather belt.

Kate's 'cross' belt at the Calgary Stampede

Kate’s ‘cross’ belt at the Calgary Stampede

The brown leather belt features a silver cross, enclosed in a circle.  The cross appears to be adorned with green and turquoise colour stones.  It’s from London-based boutique Butler and Wilson.

Finally, Catherine wore a pair of Vinnie Day gold plated “logo leaf” earrings.

Vinnie Day Gold Leaf Earrings

Vinnie Day Gold Leaf Earrings

Here’s how Vinnie Day describe the earrings:

These are a wonderful pair of earrings which we find never go ‘out of fashion’.  They are easy to wear both by day and night. Comfortable to keep in the ears.  The hoops themselves are 1.5cm with the leaf hanging off each hoop being 1.5cm so in total the earrings hang 3cm from the ear hole.

Shop similar gold leaf earrings:

Watch a video of the procession:

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my gosh William looks so damn HOT in his white cowboy hat and kate looks smart and beautiful in her hat.

    I love them in their cowboy hats! hot hot hot!

  2. Melissa says:

    here is one photo of kate and wills in their cowboy hats and more photos of kate in her yellow dress. when kate hugged the young girl who is suffering from cancer I cried. there is a photo of that in this series. Kate looks lovely and just love her in the yellow dress and cowboy hat and western white blouse and jeans.

  3. Melissa says:

    really cute video of William and Kate in the hospital made me laugh when the robot talked to him and Wills made a joke about Kate ripping his clothes off LOL

    also one of them in their cowboy hats looking gorgeous.

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