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Kate attends the Calgary Stampede in white Alice by Temperley blouse

In July 2011, William and Kate concluded their tour of Canada with a visit to the famous Calgary Stampede Parade.  The Parade’s website states that this year was the “99th Incarnation of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”  The Royal Couple were guests of honour and were asked to kick off the festivities by pressing the plunger:

William and Kate were the guests of honour at the Calgary Stampede in 2011

William and Kate were the guests of honour at the Calgary Stampede in 2011

Kate’s outfit:

To the Stampede, Kate wore a white Temperley London blouse. Rather aptly, it is named the “Rodeo“.

Kate presses the 'plunger' to kick off the Parade festivities

A closer look at Kate in her white Temperley London Rodeo shirt

The blouse was available on where it was described as follows:

Cut from a gossamer silk and cotton-blend and trimmed with lace, Temperley’s ivory shirt will instantly soften every look. Wear it as a sophisticated contrast to love-worn jeans.

Temperley London Rodeo Blouse

Temperley London Rodeo Blouse

The cotton and silk-blend shirt retailed for £445.  Here’s another look at the blouse on the mannequin:

Temperley London Rodeo Blouse

Temperley London Rodeo Blouse

Shop Temperley London Blouses:

Kate wore her Goldsign bootcut jeans.  The brand confirmed Kate wore their “Passion Bootcut Jeans” in “Habit.”


goldsign passion bootcut jeans, via

London-based boutique Austique blogged about Kate buying the jeans from their store.  Read the post by clicking here.

Kate wore her silver Tiffany & Co. “Diamonds by the Yard” bracelet from the Elsa Peretti collection.

Tiffany's Diamonds by the Yard bracelet

Tiffany’s Diamonds by the Yard bracelet

Duchess Kate also wore a pair of turquoise earrings.  We’re not certain who the designer is, but in 2011, a lady called Corrie McLeod wrote to us, to say she made the earrings for Kate.  She planned to open and online store and sell her sell her handmade jewellery.  Sadly, Corrie never kept in touch and we’re unsure if she was able to fulfil her dream!

Kate's belt, bracelet and earrings at the Calgary Stampede

Kate’s belt, bracelet and earrings at the Calgary Stampede

Finally, Kate wore her Butler and Wilson belt for the second day running.

As you can see above, the belt features a silver cross enclosed in a circle, and adorned with green, white and turquoise coloured stones. 

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. Melissa says:

    I liked the temperley shirt she wore yesterday better but she looks lovely as usual.

    I hope I get to shake her hand at rotary challenger park. I’m sure she will change by then probably she will change for the zoo for the lunch at the enmax conservatory.

    I’m so excited to see Kate in the flesh in a few hours.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date and not bored while I’m waiting 🙂

  2. Any chance of finding out about the turquoise earrings Kate was wearing? I know if anyone can it will be you! 🙂

  3. Do you have any idea about that large buckled belt? It’s wonderful.

  4. Diane Perry says:

    I have a similar turquoise pair – not the same but affordable and cute.

  5. The earrings and belt buckle were given to her by my sister, she made the earrings and I don’t know where she got the belt buckle.

  6. I just talked to my sister and she is NOT responsible for the belt buckle, but is responsible for the earrings. She gave them to a neighbours child to give to Kate when she met her at the Rodeo Demonstration the day before the Rodeo.

  7. I forgot to mention that my sister actually made the earrings Kate is wearing, and she told me she does have the ability to make a few more, but only has supplies for 10 – 15 more pairs at most, that are similar to the ones worn by Kate. Unfortunately she doesn’t have anymore of the stones used to make the exact earrings worn by Kate. She is going to contact her stone supplier to see if there is a chance she could get more stones the same size and shape as those worn by Kate, but she can’t guarantee that he has more stones.


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