Get Kate’s Style: Green DVF Maja dress

When Kate and William visited Los Angeles back in July, Kate’s green dress (the lovely silk Diane Von Furstenberg number) was an instant hit. The dress quickly sold out on the Diane Von Furstenberg website and later, it sold out on the Boutique1 website I posted too.

Kate loved her DVF green dress so much she rewore it to Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s pre-wedding drink event aboard the royal “Britannia” yacht just weeks after the North America tour.

kate middleton green dress

Since these events, many Kate fans have tried to hunt down a good replica of the green dress. Amber has succeeded by finding a fantastic (and very similar!) alternative by popular British high street chain Dorothy Perkins.

As you can see, the dresses are very similar in colour and style: both feature a belted waist and cropped sleeves:

dvf green maja dress

However, one notable difference is the buttons.  On the DVF dress, the buttons are at the back (as opposed to at the front of the Dorothy Perkins dress).

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Dorothy Perkins dress is currently on sale retailing at just £20. This is a stark constrast to the £361 the DVF Maja will set you back.  Of course, for this price, you can probably guess that unlike Kate’s DVF green dress, this Dorothy Perkins copy is not made from silk

>> Click here to view the Dorothy Perkins dress in more detail.

Dorothy Perkins deliver across the world.  Plus, they are currently offering free delivery on orders over £40. Perfect if you’re planning to buy the red lace dress I suggested too.

A big thank you to Amber for suggesting this dress!  Please let us know if you have any more suggestions (there is of course, this popular dress in Zara at the moment, but as you can see on this picture of Pippa, it’s not actually green, it’s turquoise).

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  1. I LOVED that dress on her, such a lovely color. Great find at only 20 euros!!

  2. First off, I love your site! It’s just great! I’m over here in the US so you’re website if the only link I have to Kate’s Style.

    Here in the US, I found a similar green dress at H&M. It’s only $34.95! It’s slightly more turquoise but a pretty close match.

    Here’s the link for you to check out:

  3. Hello!

    I have the zara dress, and mine is not turquoise…the dress is (what we call it in France) “bleu canard), it’s a special green, but not turquoise :)

  4. I loved Kate’s green dress the first time I saw it, and I’ve always loved leg warmers. I saw Kate in a picture in her college years wearing leg warmers and I was so excited. They spruce up a nice fall look and you can find so many outfits to wear them with!

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