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York Scarves Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf

Kate Middleton's Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf

Maple leaf tartan scarf

During her visit to Canada in 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) carried a scarf in Maple Leaf tartan (the national Canadian tartan).  She first carried in on day four of the tour while visiting Whitehorse in the territory of Yukon:

Kate Middletons maple leaf tartan scarf

Kate carried the scarf for a second time on day five, also in Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon and its only city.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Whitehorse and meet the people in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, on the 28th September 2016.

In a few photographs, we spotted a logo on a label poking out from the side of the scarf.  It features a cursive Y and an S.

Tartan label

With a little sleuthing work, we found the logo belongs to a company called York Scarves:

York Scarves Kate Middleton's Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf in Canada

York Scarves are a family run business who specialise in Fair Trade scarves.  The company is BAFTS registered and a recognised fair trade importer.  Here’s how they describe the tartan scarf on their website:

Made exclusively for York Scarves most of these designs are registered at the Scottish Tartan Registry.  They are woven in a deep classic twill weave from 100% pure cotton and suited equally to both men and women.

Being a full 80cm wide they also make a great pashmina or a chunky winter scarf.

How to buy Kate’s tartan scarf:

Unfortunately, York Scarves only sell wholesale (to other businesses).  However, I’ve tracked down one of their stockists on ETSY.  YAY!  The scarf can be purchased from Juniper Accessories for £9.99.

Kate Middleton's Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf

Juniper Accessories ship to:  United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, European Union, Isreal, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

The owner of Juniper Accessories assures me it’s the same as Kate’s scarf.  She’s sent me this photo of the label:

Kate Middleton's Tartan Scarf Logo

As you can see, it’s identical to Kate’s:

Tartan scarf logo



Steal Kate Middleton's style: