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Mint Velvet Bibi Grey Plimsolls

grey Mint Velvet taupe suede pimsolls

Grey suede plimsolls

The first time we saw Kate Middleton wear the grey Mint Velvet plimsolls was spring 2013, while pregnant with Prince George.  A year later, she wore them again for the white knuckle Shotever Jet ride while on tour in New Zealand –

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel on the Shotover Jet along the Shotover River, Dunedin, New Zealand as part of their tour of New Zealand and Australia on the 13th April 2014.

Also, we’ve seen photographs of Kate wearing the grey suede sneakers several times since. Usually in candid pictures of her out and about shopping.

About the Mint Velvet Bibi Plimsolls:

The grey sneakers are made from suede leather and feature matching grey laces.

Kate Middleton wearing the Mint Velvet Bibi plimsoll during the tour of Australia

Mint Velvet say they used “fine taupe suede” to make their plimsolls.   According to the company, the Bibi plimsolls will add “luxe to any outfit.”

Kate Middleton wearing the Mint Velvet Bibi plimsoll during the tour of Australia

Where to buy the Bibi plimsoll:

Mint Velvet no longer stock the Bibi plimsoll, as worn by Kate.  But, the company does often release similar styles each season. As of JULY 2016, Mint Velvet sells the “Emily” plimsoll.  This shoe features a grey textured print and a contrast tab at the back.  The shape is pretty much identical to the Bibi.

Mint Velvet Emily Plimsoll in Grey

The plimsolls also comes in a lovely pink/nude colour too:

Mint Velvet Emily Plimsoll in Pink


Kate wearing her grey Mint Velvet plimsolls:

Here’s Kate wearing the grey plimsolls while in New Zealand, during the 2014 Royal Tour.  She wore the casual shoes with ankle length skinny jeans and a sweater:

Kate Middleton wears mint velvet plimsolls in New Zealand, during the 2014 tour

About Mint Velvet:

Mint Velvet’s concept is “relaxed glamour”. The company creates everyday pieces with a luxe feel but without the designer price tag.   Mint Velvet aim their clothing at working mothers with modern lifestyles who wish to look effortlessly stylish.

I’m disappointed Kate hasn’t worn any other pieces from Mint Velvet (yet). They’re one of my favourites! I love their luxe designs, flattering styles, muted colours and elegant prints. I hope we’ll see Kate wear more Mint Velvet soon.

Buy Mint Velvet TRainers

Shop Mint Velvet Plimsolls:

You’ll be pleased to know that Mint Velvet sell several styles of plimsolls and trainers, in a range of colours.

(John Lewis and House of Fraser both stock Mint Velvet shoes too, if you need to find your size.)

Mint-Velvet-Plimsolls Mint-Velvet-Trainers


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