Get Kate’s Style: Coral jeans

Back in March 2012, Kate attended an event at the Olympic Park, wearing a pair of gorgeous coral pink jeans.  The style was very popular with Kate fans and some brands reported over an 80% uplift in sales of similar styles.

Kate Middleton Coral Jeans

Coral jeans ID:

Originally, fans assumed Kate’s coral jeans were from J Brand (specifically the 811 style).   Eagle-eyed style spotters soon discredited this.  After examining the pictures of Kate closely, they decided that the Duchess was actually wearing Zara jeans, specifically the Zara Pop Slim Fit style.

Get the look:

Fast forward to 2014 and the jeans are no longer available.  With spring and summer just around the corner, you might fancy a pair of coral jeans for the warmer seasons?  I know they’re a stable in my wardrobe!  They’re so easy to wear: just pair with a white-tshirt and navy blue or black flats.

Here are some of my favourites, which I bookmarked using the ShopStyle tool:

Will you be copying Kate’s style?

Do you have pink or coral jeans in your wardrobe?  Did you go the whole hog and totally “RepliKate” the Duchess’s full outfit, jacket and all?

Let us know in the comments section below!  If you’d like to upload pictures of you wearing repliKate outfits, visit our Facebook page to do that!

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  1. The REAL gossip about Kate is that she, the daughter of an airline stewardess who made a ton of money filling up the landfill with party favors made in china, married James Goldsmiths grandson. Now this is FACT. Go to Charlie Rose and look up the video of Sir James Goldsmith. That is who Dianas mother had an affair with 9 months before Diana was born. Diana looks EXACTLY like James Goldsmith. Really. And William looks exactly like Zac Goldsmith who is his cousin. So we are meant to bow down before an ordinary thin lipped girl, daughter of a party favor saleswoman and James Goldsmiths illegitimate daughters son. A JOKE. glad Im american. All the Aristocrats in England know this to be true. Is the honest truth. Go look it up if you dont believe me. You will be amazed. Funny though that the Church of England will be run by a couple who are both 1/4 Jewish. Not that I have a problem with that either. Its just that if this is supposed to be about blood lines then what the hell is going oN!

    • Shut up, please. This is a light-hearted website discussing what the Duchess wears, and where we can get it from. We don’t need your anti-sematism rumours.

  2. Hi Carly,

    Do you know where I could get the grey hooded sweater the Duchess was wearing on her visit to the Olympic park?

    Great blog by the way – was introduced by ‘What Kate Wore’.


  3. Hi,
    Any idea on what to wear with theses coral jeans?


  4. Hi,
    Do you have any idea how I could copy Kate’s style on the two outfits (the one on the far left and the one second from the right) that you have when you click on ‘Copy Kate’s Style and there are four pictures under the title? I really like those outfits.


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