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Win £50 Gift Voucher for Warehouse in Our “Royal Bingo” Competition

UPDATE – contest now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered!  We’ll be looking through the entries over the weekend & will be announcing the winner early next week.  Good luck!


To honour the commitment shown to the high-street from our very own Kate, we have teamed up with Bingo-reviewer, the leading resource for reviews and info on all the UK online bingo websites to bring you a fun little competition, with the prize of a £50 gift voucher for clothing shop Warehouse, so you too can grab a cute little summer dress like Kate! (Kate chose Warehouse for three summer dresses for her honeymoon).

How to enter: All you have to do is think of a name for a bingo website fit for a Duchess, and tell us the name of your bingo website in the comments below. We will choose the winner based on the funniest, most original name!

Tip: Check out the Bingo-reviewer website for a list of all the UK bingo sites for a bit of inspiration, but as a bit of a clue we’re thinking less of the Foxy and more of the Posh 😉

Kate Middleton Warehouse

Rules: Competition opens Monday 20th June and closes midnight Friday 24th June (GMT). You must use a valid email address to comment (or how will we be able to let you know if you win!?)  Please check that Warehouse delivers to your country before entering.  Vouchers are non-exchangeable for cash. If prizes are not acknowledged within five working days of notification (in the event that you are notified of winning a prize, such notification to be via email) we reserve the right to select an alternative winner.

Good luck!

(This contest is not affiliated with Warehouse we just chose to offer their vouchers as a prize.)

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. I am *really* awful at this, but here goes: KITKate
    (Told you I was no good!)

  2. Hoping To Win says:

    Queen of the Jackpot

  3. PinkiesUp! Bingo

  4. The Duchess

  5. bingkate

  6. Kelly Smith says:

    Duchess of Dobbers

  7. The Royal Flush

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    Cash in Commoner!

  9. MiddleTON of CASH!

  10. Karis Boone says:

    Lady Bingo

  11. Alice Matthews says:

    Royal Flush

  12. caroline davison says:

    Royal Flush

  13. Claire Williams says:

    Duch-eyes Down!

  14. Danielle Cadman says:

    Duchess Bingo

  15. Baroness Bonanza

  16. Princess bingo?

  17. Casherines Golden Balls

  18. Adele Hill says:


  19. Olivia Phipps says:

    Posh Dosh Bingo!

  20. diane whale says:

    By Royal Assent

  21. The tropical bird print dress

  22. calley bryson says:

    Katie’s Eye

  23. Hannah Rowley says:

    Lady Muck Bingo!!

  24. simone lee says:


  25. Melissa Brahams says:

    Majestic Bingo

  26. Julie Brett says:

    Lovely Lady Bingo

  27. Marycarol says:

    Kate’s eye, Number 1

  28. Pamela Gossage says:

    The tropical bird print dress

  29. The King’s Ransom

  30. Libby Alexander says:

    Buckingham Bingo

  31. Amelia Kennedy says:

    Queen ‘B’

  32. Luck Be A Lady

  33. Megan Bayford says:

    The Duchess

  34. Danielle Welsh says:

    Royal Dabber !

  35. Jane Williams says:

    Cinderella Bingo – win some Royal Wonga and go from pauper to Princess!

  36. fiona beard says:

    The Queens Ransom

  37. Diamonds & Earls

  38. Royal Family Fortunes

  39. Nadia Mitab says:

    Royal Flush Bingo

  40. p0sh dosh bingo

  41. lucy carthew says:

    Middletons Mola:)

  42. Bingo on the Throne
    with the strapline – the quick way to flush your money down the toilet

  43. Helen Parker Sayde says:

    Win with the

  44. Helen Parker Sayde says:

    Gold diggers 🙂

  45. Julia Gray says:

    Kate’s Mates Rockin Royal Bingo Bonanza

  46. Christina Curtis says:

    £Posh Pounds

  47. ‘Cinderella Story Bingo’ – The Kate Middleton effect.

  48. Jane Adair says:

    It can happen to you bingo!

  49. Catch A ‘King Jackpot Bingo’ 😉

  50. Ladies who Byngough

  51. Helen Boys says:

    Buckingham Bingo

  52. Victoria says:

    Binglesey Duchess

  53. Sophia K says:


  54. Evelyn Johnston says:

    Royally Minted

  55. Ellen Barber says:


  56. Queen B 73

  57. princess prizes

  58. Charlotte says:


  59. Clementina says:

    P-Middy bumgo 🙂

  60. Kirsty Baxter says:

    Pip-her-to-the-post .com

  61. Game of Visuo-Vocal Matching of Numericals, by an Instrument of Dauber, Here Present.

  62. Hoping To Win says:

    Eyes Down & Win A Crown

    Legs Eleven:Kate’s Are Heaven

  63. Georgina Ball says:

    Royal Balls

  64. Hoping To Win says:

    Balmoral Bounty

    Windsor Winners

    Buck Pal Gal

    St James Games

  65. Hoping To Win says:

    Thrills & Wills

  66. Svetlana says:

    Princess Win

  67. Michelle Duffy says:

    Duchess Dabbers.

  68. You Shall Go To The Bingo Balls

    Majestic Money

    Hit Royally Huge

    The Upper Crust Card

  69. Queen For A Play

    Royal Flushed At Harry

    For Richer or For Poorer

    Kiss Me Quick, Take Your Pick

  70. Audrey Jones says:


  71. One’s Crown & Castle Bingo

  72. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Regal Rollers

  73. Lady Luck

  74. liz denial says:

  75. royal flush


  77. Kate On A Hot Tin Roof Bingo

  78. Mirelle Williams says:

    Middletons Millions

  79. Paul Green says:
  80. Rachel Jeffrey says:

    Queenies got the ball

  81. Rachael G says:


  82. Bum Chum Bingo
    Ka-ching Kate
    Katie Cash
    Cash Glow

  83. Babs Hammer says:

    Housey Housey of Windsor Wonder Bingorama

  84. Sarah Laycock says:

    Royals at the Ready!

  85. Caroline Ashton says:

    Duchess of Gamebridge
    Duchess of WinsHere
    Lady Luck

  86. Nicola B says:

    Queen-to-be Bingo

  87. Duchesses Retreat

  88. Royal Retreats

  89. Duchouse Bingo

  90. Cassandra says:

    Dabbing Duchess

  91. Cassandra says:

    Regal Games

  92. Jennifer Stokes says:

  93. The Duchess of Cashbridge

  94. Cheryll H says:

    Rags 2 Riches
    Cinderella’s Ball Bingo Hall

  95. 58 No More Wait

  96. Babs Hammer says:

    “” (Her Royal

  97. katrina walsh says:

    Coronet Cash
    Crown Jewel Gems

  98. Imperial Bingo

  99. Kelly Koya says:

    WINdsor Galore 🙂

  100. Awfully Good Bingo

  101. Ann Griffin says:

    Berkshire Babe Bingo

  102. Kimberley Howes says:

    The Royal House

  103. sandy hallett says:

    Royal ‘full palace’ Bingo

  104. Julie Harris says:

    More Mansion than House dear !

  105. Claire Sims says:

    Big Sapphire Bingo

  106. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Kate’s Balls

  107. Blue Blood Bingo. The 3 B’s could form a crown to create the logo!

  108. Windsors Palace

  109. pretty princess

  110. emma Cella says:

    The Royal Ace

  111. premium palace

  112. Christine Clarke says:

    princess prizes

  113. Tracey Tibbles says:

    The Prince’s Balls

  114. Babs Hammer says:

    The Prince and the Dauber

  115. sarah allcoat says:

    The Crown Jewels

  116. Ruth Worthington says:

    Bingo’in Posh

  117. kingo-pingo

  118. Kelly Hooper says:

    The Princess and the ‘B’ (INGO)

  119. Bingoing mad-jesty

  120. Claire Butler says:

    Little Princess Dabs

  121. Georgie Warsop says:

    BuckINGO Palace

  122. Queen Bingo

  123. Noble Numbers

  124. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Palace Plaza

  125. NATALIE BRADLEY says:

    peaches and queen

  126. Laura P says:

  127. Sarah Anguish says:

    Lucky Princess

  128. Denise s says:

    westminster winner

  129. Judith Luscombe says:

    The House of York

  130. Joanna Sawka says:

    Kings wins

  131. Gill Cooke says:

    Kingo Bingo

  132. Christopher Barry says:

    Monacle Bingo

  133. Waity Katie Wins All

  134. Bling it on bingo

  135. emma jones says:

    The Duchess


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