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Review: Claudia Bradby Jewellery

From time to time I get asked to review different things on this blog, but I tend to turn down the offers.  Usually, because they’re not quite right and don’t present a good fit (e.g. they’re not something I think you Kate fans would like to read about.)  However, when a representative from Claudia Bradby Jewellery got in touch with me, I jumped at the chance to write a review of their products, due to the ‘Kate’ connection.

claudia bradby jewellery

For those who don’t know about Kate’s connection with Claudia Bradby, I’ll give a little context before writing the review:

Kate and Claudia Bradby:

We know that the Middleton family must have connections with the Bradbys, as Pippa attended the film premiere for ‘Shadow Dancer’ back in August to support Claudia’s husband Tom, the original author of the novel. Tom Bradby is also a well-known journalist and he famously interviewed the William and Kate after they announced their engagement back in 2010.

In addition to these family connections, Kate was also spotted wearing the Claudia Bradby “Camellia” necklace at an airport back in December 2007.  And as most Kate fans will probably know, the former Miss Middleton even designed a necklace with Bradby back in 2006 when she worked as a fashion buyer for Jigsaw.  Kate designed a pretty little necklace for the Junior range, realising there was a gap in the market for affordable quality jewellery for girls ages six-18.  At the time Bradby told the London Evening Standard that she’d written to Kate to congratulate her on the new appointment with Jigsaw, and then later Kate got in touch to discuss creating a small pendant together.  Claudia Bradby had high praise for Kate after working with her:

“[Kate] was very specific about what she wanted. One of the things I do enjoy is when I do collaborate with other companies, and with people who ‘get’ what you’re doing, is that you have a symbiotic relationship. I put quite a lot of work into it, and was pleased with what she had in mind. She was ideal to work with, and really bright and capable.”

The necklace Kate designed is once again available to buy on Claudia Bradby’s website.  It is known as the “Kate” and it forms part of  Bradby’s Heritage collection to mark the Royal Wedding last year.

Here’s a look at the “Camellia” necklace Kate wore in 2007 (left) and the (renamed) “Kate Quartz” necklace she designed in collaboration with Bradby around 2006:

kate necklaces for claudia bradby

Click here to browse the collection.

My review of Claudia Bradby:

So, back to my review.  I cheekily asked for something ‘Kate related’ to review, knowing my readers may have considered buying the necklaces or earrings in the past and would appreciate reading about them.   I was a lucky girl and was sent two pieces: a stirling silver Jubilee necklace and a pair of “Kate” hoop earrings.  Both items were wrapped in individual little soft pouches (below, left) and placed into the lovely shimmery blue box.

Let’s start by looking at the earrings:

The earrings contain the same charms as the “Kate” necklace and are set on a silver hoop. They’re ever-so delicate and pretty:

Claudia Bradby Earrings

Sadly, I do not have my ears pierced, but I knew just the lady to pass them on to, so she could review them for me!  I posted them over to Poland, to my friend Anna from popular royal jewellery site My Small Obsessions.  Anna was an obvious choice:  she really loves jewellery, loves Kate and is a dear friend.  She was hugely grateful and gave me the following comments to post on the site:

“The earrings came to me in a beautiful pouch with the Claudia Bradby logo on it.  They are delicate, really pretty and really well made with careful attention to detail. To me they are very romantic in their design.  They have the same pendants as were used in Kate quartz necklace: The sterling silver bean (10mm in length) with rose quartz (7 mm in length) and pink pearl charm (6 mm in length).  They also have a small silver pendant with Claudia Bradby logo on one side and crown on the other. They hang from delicate sterling silver hoops (approx 12 mm in diameter). In total they are 27 mm in length.

How they look in person: It’s best to take a look at the close ups below.  I can only recommend Claudia’s jewellery.  It is amazing and of great quality.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Anna wearing the earrings:

anna's claudia bradby earrings

On to my review of the Jubilee necklace now!

I’ve worn the necklace a couple of times in the last few weeks and I must say, it is really gorgeous!  In addition, I’m actually very pleased I now have a keepsake from this momentous year, which I can keep and perhaps pass on to my own family one day.

The necklace comprises of a 16 inch stirling silver chain and a 15mm disk that is stamped with the official Jubilee hallmark.  On the chain is a delicate little pearl charm that finishes the necklace off perfectly!

Here we take a look in detail at the necklace, right.  You can just make out the Jubilee stamp:

claudia necklace jubilee

Claudia’s new Coco collection:

I couldn’t write about Claudia Bradby jewellery without mentioning the gorgeous new Coco collection. If you’re looking for a timeless piece of jewellery for a special occasion (perhaps as a Christmas gift, or even something like a graduation or 21st birthday present) then the Coco collection could be for you!

The collection draws inspiration from iconic designers like Chanel and Armani and comprises of molten pearls, faceted gemstones and silver chains. The collection is feminine, beautiful and absolutely classic.

My favourite pieces include the Biography bracelet (left) Kiera necklace (center) and the Lara silver necklace (right). And if any of my family are reading this, take this as a massive hint for my Christmas present please! Hahaha.

claudia bradby coco collection

Have you ever purchased from Claudia Bradby before?  What did you buy?  If not, let us know what’s on your wishlist in the comments section.

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



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    Thank you Carly again, I enjoyed doing this for you. I recommend myself for the future! 😀


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