Kate’s Joseph ‘Scala’ dress now for sale at Harrods

Remember the gorgeous blush coloured dress Kate wore to the private viewing of her wedding dress exhibition with the Queen back in July?  Well, it is now available for purchase at Harrods, costing £395.  It’s called the Scala dress by one of Kate’s favourite brands, Joseph.

Harrods describe the garment as a “classically tailored piece in an on-trend neutral hue.”  The shape is a ‘mock wrap design’ with a deep v-neckline and cropped sleeves.

Click here to view the dress on the Harrods website.

Kate Joseph Dress

Big hat tip to our lovely friend over at WhatKateWore.com, who was informed by @DuchessKateLove on Twitter.

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  1. I absolutely adore Kate Middleton’s style and this is such a great blog in demonstrating choice of clothing and gives great ideas to those who are interested. Her style is so classy and elegant, and she brings simplicity and class to a whole new level as the duchess of cambridge! Did you see her maple leaf fascinator in Canada?!?

  2. she has appeared twice now and not any new features on her


    who is tending this website?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I am tending the website you’re commenting on.

      However, I am also working very hard freelancing on a number of paid jobs which are consuming a lot of my time, looking for a full time job and preparing for interviews.

      I did not blog the wedding from the weekend because my image supplier did not have a picture of that event. Also, WhatKateWore had already covered it immense detail while I was away during the weekend. I do have a ‘get it cheaper’ look planned, but I have no time to post it until the weekend.

      Regarding Ashlin’s story in the paper, I chose not to blog this because it’s a little intrusive in my view. Plus it’s not my story to tell, it’s Ashlin’s. I feel like I’d be reiterating the same story that everyone else is telling with no new spin, or anything interesting to add.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. To Carly, I posted another link on the Reiss discount codes feature and asked the same question, sorry.
    Posting pictures of the wedding and TopShop visit and what she wore is not intrusive surely?

    So WhatKateWore is a more up to date site? Thanks for that, I will go over there.

    • No, I think the visit to TopShop is a tiny bit intrusive. I’m uneasy about it. I wasn’t there but the girl who was there was stood right behind Kate and saw everything she purchased (she even says she could have remembered her pin if she wasn’t so star struck). I’m not comfortable with that. Also, I have no idea if this story is legit (I could say I saw Kate here or there) as there’s no official source confirming it… (To my knowledge – the people MAY have interviewed someone from TopShop). But more importantly, and the reason I chose NOT to blog it is that it’s Ashlin’s story, not mine. That’s more the point. I am not comfortable taking stuff off her site and reiterating it just for the sake of a blog post. I’ve shared the link to her story on Facebook & Twitter already for my fans.

      The red dress/wedding wasn’t that intrusive (I guess Kate has to expect the photogs at these kinds of events) but I had no picture of the event to share, I was away the day it happened and WhatKateWore.com had already covered it in immense detail the day I got back. So what should I do, take all her hard work and repost it here for the sake of just publishing another blog post?

      Please bear in mind this is my hobby and while I appreciate you letting me know you’re unhappy with the site, I’m under no obligation to post EVERY detail of Kate’s movements – I actually had it scheduled to do a bumper post tonight with an exclusive Reiss discount code, a red dress alternative and link to Ashlin’s story to make one full, complete post to read (rather than sketchy, light on detail posts).

      Thanks for commenting.

      I will be working hard to live blog tomorrow’s event (as I did all through the Canada tour, for every event). Especially as it is an official engagement.

  4. Well having worked in media for a long time, generally the public want to see intrusive pictures, it’s human nature (most of the time) and regardless of your moral principles, I’ve no doubt the traffic for this site is lower than WhatKateWore.
    Principles can only go so far…having said that, I appreciate your time you put towards the site, however, myself and some of my friends will now visit the other site.

  5. Good luck. I easily get less traffic than WKW. I admit this. In fact, I believe she gets in excess of 3,000 unique visits per day and I only receive 1,500 – 2,000. This rockets on event days (as I call them) and both WKW and I have discussed server crashes before – both of us had problems during Canada…

    I believe I post more frequently that WKW does, and I offer something different by doing dedicated posts of alternative outfits if you can’t afford the stuff Kate buys. Often, I am first to ID clothes too, plus I live blog most events where I can. However, I haven’t tended to this blog recently on those fronts. VERY few events to blog for starters, but I had a 15,000 word dissertation to write AND now I have a good full schedule of freelance writing/website building to do. (so much so I am wondering why I’m bothering job hunting). On top of this interviews…house work etc! I’m struggling to find time! as I said though, I do have a great red dress planned to share when I get a minute. (Well, was meant to be during this time I’m emailing you! Though I have a Pippa contest to set up first!)

    However, I know WKW is as principled as me and I doubt she’d mind me revealing that she’s worked in media since I was probably in short trousers as they say! She won’t print a lot of the paparazzi shots and she’s on record saying she’ll only print some.

    I happily print the ones of Kate outside but not the overly stalkerish ones of her in a shop, in a hair salon or somewhere else private.

    The uncomfortableness in Ashlin’s tale comes from the fact Kate just had her head down and wanted to get on with her shopping. I would actually put that to one side IF it was my story to tell… because then it would be great to share….But I can’t add anything, all I’d writing is “A GIRL SAYS SHE STOOD BEHIND KATE & SAW HER BUY THESE CLOTHES” which feels a bit… I dunno…. not me! It’s unconfirmed, it’s uncomfortable for me to post – a few people already complained about the girl who wrote Kate bought a hobbs jacket earlier today…. I have shared it but for me there’s no story to post here!! It’s worthy of a mention at some point, especially if Kate wears the items, I’ll tip Ashlin for showing us they were topshop!

    Back to WKW – Susan is an inspirational women, great writer and talented blogger. I am so glad I discovered her site. As I wrote in an interview for a magazine piece we both did, I set this site up on the back of the success of my Pippa site (which I do update every day!) and didn’t even know other Kate sites existed. At the time, no others did really… I just happened across WKW after googling an older Kate outfit…

    WKW was one of the first (set up a month or two before mine) and loads of copycat sites came along too (including some with less thoughtful names. Like “get” what Kate wore. There’s even one copying my name now with kate middleton “fashion” blog – haha oh well). (as an aside, I could think of a million more unique names to the already established sites’ names!! Why can’t they?)

    So please go and enjoy the other sites and still visit this one if you want what I do – which is the stuff I outlined above – live blogging an event (about Kate’s style) & alternative outfits cheaper.

    Cheers and have a good evening, I better finish that Pippa post off now :)

    • Another good point just raised via twitter – we’ve had at least 4 tip offs now about what kate is buying. Some make national news (warehouse outfits, red j brands) some don’t (zara skirt, hobbs coat). I don’t blog them all – I don’t see them as newsworthy.

      Daily Mail & people will turn ‘non-stories’ into articles, even when they’re not newsworthy) cus it will make them money! More stories about kate = more shares = more money for them from adverts!

      • But that is what people want to see, ‘give the public what they want, tell them what they want, them tell them again”…remember the old journalistic adage. ;)

  6. Appreciate your reply Carly and your time.


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