Kate dressed as a witch for Halloween – from the archives

Here’s a blast from the past to celebrate Halloween today, an old picture of Kate dressed up as a witch!

The picture is from 2007 and snapped outside London’s Mahkini club, where Kate attended a fancy dress party with with her sister Pippa (in the background).

kate middleton halloween costume

Kate wore a sparkly witches dress, silver belt, Aquatalia boots, fishnet tights and a cape to complete her bewitching look!  We also love Pippa’s pumpkin orange dress and matching necklace too!

At the time, a source revealed that the girls tucked into rum-based ‘blood’ cocktails drank from ‘blood bags’ and hit the dance floor to throw some moves.

We just thought it’d be fun to share this photo (like us, you might not have even seen it before!)  We’re also pondering how the Middleton sisters are celebrating this Halloween.  Do you think Kate buys in sweets for the local trick or treaters in Anglesey? Pippa writes in her book, Celebrate, that she “frequently celebrates Halloween over a supper with friends.”  She continues, saying the day is a “wonderful excuse to let your imagination run riot with gory-looking food and special effects“.  Quite!

Are you dressing up as Kate this year?

Speaking of Halloween, we have it on good authority that many of you Kate fans like to dress up as the Duchess herself for your parties!  Will you be donning your best Issa dress and wearing your engagement ring replica this year? Or will your costume be more traditional?  Let us know, and feel free to send us any pictures of your Kate costume – we’ll publish the best ones on this post.  Simply upload your Kate costumes to our Facebook page and we’ll put them on here (complete with naff awesome spooky decorations!)

Our Halloween Kates:

First up is Brianna, a young Kate fan who decided to dress up as the Duchess after finding this awesome fascinator.  Brianna certainly has the “Kate” hair to pull it off!  Her replica engagement ring completes the costume perfectly:

Dress up as Kate Middleton for Halloween

We also have another submission from Emily:  We think she looks FAB too:

Kate Middleton Halloween

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. Can I just say that I LOVE the idea of showing looks from the archives?! It’s a great way to remind readers of Kate’s previous choices, and for most readers the looks will be new to them if they were pre-engagement era. As a huge Kate fan, I love reading anything on her style, and seeing an older look is a great filler during slow periods without many appearances. Thanks!!!

    • Carly (admin) says:

      Hi B,

      Thank you SO much for your feedback. I’m starting to work hard and re-do the site (offline) and hope to launch a new version with improved categorisation/navigation & galleries some time before 2013. I love your feedback about posting images from the archives – I could totally do that and show Kate’s older looks, which I know for a FACT many people love and still try to ‘RepliKate’.

      Thanks for commenting,

  2. God Kate is cute.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work. I love whatever you want to post about Kate!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my photo love!!

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