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It’s Official: Kate Middleton is pregnant with her first baby! St. James’ Palace announce her pregnancy!

Prince William and Kate Middleton Pregnant with first Baby!St. James’ Palace has today confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge, also still known by her maiden name Kate Middleton, is pregnant!

Yep, our favourite Duchess is expecting a baby, how exciting!

Kate was staying with her parents in Buckleberry before travelling by car (not ambulance) to the King Edward VII Hospital in Central London.  The Duchess was admitted with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a server form of nausea and vomiting, differing from morning sickness.  Treatment will require that Kate takes supplementary hydration and additional nutrients.

Kate (and baby!) will stay in hospital for several days and will require a few days of rest after too.  Therefore, it is likely she will miss the upcoming engagements this week, including: the ICAP Charity Day on Wednesday 5th Dec, the Winter Whites Gala on Sat 8th Dec and the British Military Tournament on Sun 9th Dec. although this has yet to be officially confirmed.  I think it has been confirmed now:

St. James’ Palace did confirm that Kate’s pregnancy is still in the very early stages, and most journalists are saying she’s less than 12 weeks pregnant.  I suspect it was the hospital visit that forced the royal couple to announce the news, despite how early it is into the pregnancy, a suspicion aides have now confirmed:

News of a royal baby knocked out the official website:

The news that Kate is expecting a royal baby knocked The Duke and Duchess’ official website out of service today, as you may expect.  Here’s what the front page looked like at 17:15 this evening:

Kate Middleton Pregnant with first Baby

The Queen and Prince Philip send their congratulations (as do we!) and they’re very excited about the baby news (as are we!!)

Update – Twitter is excited too!  #RoyalBaby is now trending!


Baby name game:

Of course, we’re all now speculating what Kate and Will’s new baby will be named…..  Feel free to speculate in the comments below and if you miraculously guess first & middle name correctly once the royal baby is born, I’ll send out a prize!!!

According to Twitter’s @RoyalCentralUK, when born, Will and Kate’s baby will be styled as “His/Her Royal Highness Prince/Princess <NAME> Of Cambridge.

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



  1. How exciting!!! Here are my names:

    Girl: Catherine Elizabeth Diana Carol (call her “Katie”)
    Boy: Albert William Charles Michael (call him “Albert”)

  2. Girl: Diana Elizabeth
    Boy: Philip Charles

  3. Girl: Diana Elizabeth Caroline Amelia
    Boy: David William Charles Michael

  4. Joanne Baldwin says:

    As royal names are often so long i’m not sure i can call it in terms of order but

    if its a girl i expect it will include, Mary, Victoria, Elizabeth and Diana

    if its a boy then i epxect it to include George, Albert, Philip and Edward

  5. I am SO EXCITED for them!!! But I really do hope she feels better soon. Sounds like a truly heinous condition she has.

    Girl: Charlotte
    Boy: Philip

  6. Girl: Diana Elizabeth ….. (i really hope they will call her Diana)
    Boy: Harry William….

  7. Girl: Diana Elizabeth Mary
    Boy: George Henry Philip Charles

  8. Girl: Elizabeth Diana Boy: Charles Henri

  9. Girl: Elizabeth Diana
    Boy: William Edward

  10. Girl: Sophia Diana
    Boy: Philip Charles William

  11. Boy: Charles Harry ~* ~ *~ Girl: Elizabeth Diana

  12. Boy: James Philip Charles

    MUCH harder with a Girl, keep thinking it’s too soon to call her Diana- but it would be so fitting. Therefore, going with Diana Catherine Elizabeth

  13. Martina H. says:

    Richard Charles Michael Phillip
    Adelaide Diana Carole Elizabeth

  14. royal lover says:

    Elizabeth Diana Carole Catherine
    Charles Philipp William Albert 🙂

  15. Girl : ~ * ~ * ~ Elizabeth Diana ~ * ~ * ~ Boy : ~ * ~ * ~ Charles William ~ * ~ * ~

  16. Charlotte Diana Carole Elizabeth

  17. Elizabeth Mary Frances (Queen Elizabeth III)

    Arthur William Michael (King Arthur)

  18. I knew she was pregnant by her fuller face an beautiful glow and figure. I’m so happy for her and the duke. I pray she feels better and wish Diana was here to see her grand hold.god bless them all.

  19. I will go against the trend here and predict they will give the baby a first name all its own. While they respect tradition, they’ve shown that they like to do things their way. So perhaps Diana, Elizabeth, Phillip, Charles etc for one of the names, but the first name will be something no one else currently has.

  20. Girl- Alice Diana
    Boy- Albert Charlas

  21. Girl: Mary Anne Victoria or Angela Elizabeth
    For boy I really don’t have any idea…


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