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Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots

Penelope Chilvers Boots

Brown leather boots

In September 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) wore Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel Boots while visiting the remote island of Bella Bella in Canada.

Kate Middleton wearing the brown leather Penelope Chilvers boots in Canada

She also wore the boots earlier in the year too, during a trek up a Himalayan mountain in Bhutan.

William and Kate on their trek in Bhutan

Many royal watchers spotted the boots straight away! Kate first wore them in 2004 –

Kate Middleton wearing Penelope Chilvers Boots

Courtesy: Penelope Chilvers

When you have two photos of Kate taken over a decade apart, and she’s wearing the same boots, you know they’re either exceedingly good quality OR so comfortable that she decided to buy a second pair!

Speaking of comfort, Kate trekked for three hours up a mountain wearing them – they’re obviously her hiking boot of choice!

Kate Middleton wearing Penelope Chilvers Boots

On her website, Penelope Chilvers writes:

“Penelope is delighted to see Kate wearing her Long Tassel boots eleven years later. As with so many of our boots they just get better with age.”

About the Penelope Chilvers Boots:

The boots Kate’s wearing are made from Spanish vegetable-dyed leather (in the colour ‘conker brown’).

Penelope Chilvers boots

The boots have a feminine appeal due to a special design feature: they’re cut close to the ankle. This gives them the sleek and elegant silhouette. In addition, the boots feature a scalloped detail near the zip, and of course, the hanging tassels.

The boots are fully lined with leather and they feature a Goodyear Welted Commando rubber sole.

The boots cost £475 and Penelope Chilvers still makes them today.

Penelope Chilvers Long Boots with Tassels

There are two different sized boots in Penelope Chilvers’ “Tassel” range. There’s the long size (as worn by Kate), which come in black, slate and conker:

penelope chilvers long tassel boots

There’s also a mid-sized range.  Each pair is lined with fleece. They come in black/slate, khaki/black, and conker:

Penelope Chilvers mid tassel boot

Penelope Chilvers also stock a whole range of luxury boots, shoes, and accessories:

Penelope Chilvers shoes and accessories


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