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[RepliKate] Copy Kate’s Temperley Odele coat

In the winter, Kate often wears her Temperley London Odele coat for carrying out private errands, such as grabbing coffee or walking her dog Lupo.  You may recall this photo from 2012 snapped by Sandra, a fan of who happened to be visiting Kensington Gardens and saw Kate with a friend?  The Duchess is wearing the Temperley Odele coat.

The coat is pretty edgy compared to the Duchess’ usual style, it features an asymmetric zip front and leather detailing to the cuffs.  It was an instant hit with Kate fans.

Copy Kate:

Soon after Kate debuted the coat, eagle-eyed fans found a fantastic replica (or “repliKate”) of the coat from Via Spiga (see retailers below for best prices!).  It is almost identical to the Temperley London coat, except it features faux leather and faux fur trimmings instead of the real deal.

As you can imagine, it quickly became popular with those looking to copy Kate’s style!  If you missed out on the coat, do not worry!  It’s back for 2016!  You can still get it from a number of outlets – some on sale!  Perfect if you’re looking for a stylish and warm coat to wear this winter.

Where to buy:

The information below is correct at the time I hit publish.  Please note, some sales or promotions may have ended if you’re looking at this after October 30th, 2016:

  • Amazon sells the coat in black. Currently 56% off.  Was £320 now $139
  • Nordstrom Rack in black.  Was $350.  Now $139.97
  • sells the coat in navy & tan.  Was $380.00  now $149.99 
  • Lord & Taylor sell the coat in PLUS SIZE.  Black & tan available.  Was $360 now $216
  • Bloomingdales sell the coat in black, dark red & tan.  Was $290.00  now $246.50 


On Facebook and Twitter, a couple of Kate fans mentioned that they own this coat.  They had the following to say about it:

“This is a must buy! I bought it last year.”

– Michele

“I bought this coat on Amazon a few years ago – It’s so nice and I always get compliments when I wear it! One of the best replikates!”

– Audrey

“I have the Via Spiga, it’s gorgeous, nice and warm and a near-flawless replikate!”

– Caroline

Steal Kate Middleton's style:



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